Lung Cancer Clinic

More than 200,000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed each year.

The good news is, there is hope. With accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment, many people diagnosed with lung cancer live long, meaningful lives. It is our goal to empower you by providing everything you need to understand the treatment plan and your condition.

The Brown Cancer Center provides the highest level of clinical cancer care in the region, access to the latest cancer research, and the benefits of a team-focused, multidisciplinary approach. This team-focused approach ensures that the clinical plan for each patient is customized and tailored to each individual patient, comprehensive, and coordinated.

The multidisciplinary team of lung cancer specialists includes a medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, pathologist, and a radiation oncologist. Additional support comes from a pharmacist, dietician, social worker, behavioral oncologist and other appropriate specialists. Each team meets regularly to discuss the patient’s progress.

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Nancy Alvey, lung cancer survivor. Click here to read Nancy’s story.

This approach ensures that patients receive the ideal combination of treatments and therapies.

In addition, our specially trained oncology nurses care for patients before, during, and after treatment; help manage clinical trials; and educate patients about what to expect when they go home from the hospital. They also communicate with family members to address their needs and concerns.

Lung Cancer Clinic Team