Head and Neck Cancers

Nearly 50,000 people will be diagnosed with a form of head and neck cancer this year.

With accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment, many people diagnosed with these types of cancers live long, meaningful lives.

The Brown Cancer Center provides the highest level of clinical cancer care in the region, access to the latest cancer research, and the benefits of a team-focused, multidisciplinary approach. This team-focused approach ensures that the clinical plan for each patient is customized, comprehensive, and coordinated. The multidisciplinary team of head and neck specialists includes a medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, pathologist, and a radiation oncologist.

Additional support comes from dental oncology, speech pathology, nursing, a dietician, social worker, behavioral oncology and pharmacist, as well as other appropriate specialists.

The team meets regularly to monitor the patient’s progress carefully, and to adjust the treatment plan as necessary. This approach ensures that patients receive the ideal combination of treatments and therapies.

In addition, our specially trained oncology nurses help patients through their journey of treatment; help manage clinical trials and also communicate with family members to address their needs and concerns.

Head and Neck Cancers Team